Each year for one week in the summer North American medical and dental professionals as well as general helpers partner with Hondurans to provide medical and dental care for 2500 – 3000 patients. Services provided include adult and pediatric medical and dental care, physical therapy, eye exams, lab tests, pharmacy services as well as oral surgery, teeth extractions, dental restorations and dental hygiene.


2010 Mission Trip to Honduras

On a team of 66 North Americans and 25 Hondurans 3 from Second Church served on a medical and dental mission team in June, 2010. Katie Bennington and her grandmother Mollie Heron (her 2nd trip) joined Rev. Dr. Dan Hans (project co-director) on his 13th trip to San Luis, Honduras.


This is the public school where we held our 6 days of clinic and lived for 8 days – sleeping on beds or cots in the classrooms.





Crowds gathered outside the school as early at 5:00 a.m. for 7:30 clinic opening. 





At the education station, Honduran Tomas Ramierez talks about diet, hygiene, and respect in relationships. He also talks about God’s love and gives out Bibles and is available for personal and family counseling.





Patients are screened and treated for intestinal parasites since 80% of population has intestinal roundworms.





Then patients go to the doctors.

Adult medicine











Oral surgery patient












Pharmacy – over 6400 prescriptions were filled