1In 1983, Dr. and Mrs. Albert Samuel Warren, III, graciously endowed Second Presbyterian Church with support for a lecture series in memory and honor of her family members. The Pace-Warren Lecture Series has brought some of the finest and most noted religious speakers of our time to Lexington for a special weekend on September 23 &34 for sermons and talks to be shared with our congregation and community.  Click here for information and schedule on this year’s speaker, Rev. Robina Marie Winbush

We have been richly blessed by Anne’s special gift to us and eagerly anticipate this year’s speaker who will join our list of illustrious speakers from the past (see below). 

1985 John Killinger
1986 Elam Davies
1987 Fred B. Craddock
1988 Thomas G. Long
1989 William H. Willimon
1990 John Claypool
1991 Joanna Adams
1992 Eugene Peterson
1993 Walter Brueggemann
1994 Joan Salmon Campbell
1995 Ben Campbell Johnson
1996 William F. Mays
1997 Thomas K. Tewell
1998 Richard Osmer
1999 Andrew Purves
2000 “Friends of the Groom”
2001 Barbara Brown Taylor
2002 Ronald Preston Byars
2003 William Augustus Jones
2004 Rodger Nishioka
2005 Lloyd John Ogilvie
2006 Frances Taylor Gench
2007 Rick Ufford-Chase
2008 Eileen W. Lindner
2009 William J. Carl
2010 Thomas G. Long
2011 Sally A. Brown
2012 Clifton Kirkpatrick
2013 Doug Wysockey-Johnson
2014 Dr. Devin Brown

2015 Dr. David Renwick

2016 – Amos Disasa