Adult Sunday School Classes

Below are our Adult Sunday School Classes (9:40-10:40 a.m.).  Come join us!

FamiliesParents with older children, adolescent to post-    adolescent – and  those whose children have flown  from the nest).  We will rotate leaders to discuss chapters from several books that focus on faith journeys. Coordinators:  Suzanne & Craig Irwin (Library)

The Present Word Bible Study – Will consider the theme of the Sovereignty of God,  describing God’s greatness and preeminence over all things in creation. Readings from Isaiah, Hebrews and Revelation . Leaders: Tom Lingeman/Joanne Olson- Biglieri/Randy Master  (Room 205)

Luke for Everyone – The class will study the Third Gospel and learn most of what there is to know about Jesus of Nazareth, including the most important. “Today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.” We will explore how this master writer and brilliant historian makes his contribution to the witness of the New Testament.   Luke’s unique interpretation of the Parousia (second coming) is worth the price of admission.  This class is dedicated in memory of Chuck McGaha, student of St. Luke.  Teacher: Bob Maynard  (Room 204)

Theology Class   – This class will be studying The Great Emergence by Phyllis Tinkle and will continue to explore other works of  theological interest.  Join us for open and lively discussion.  Leader: Don Tiegreen (Room 202)

Young Families – This class provides fellowship and discussion for parents of pre- and elementary school age.  Discussions  are centered on applying biblical principles to a variety  of  contemporary topics selected by the class. Drop off  the kids upstairs, grab a coffee and a donut and join us!    Leader:  Shawn  Caudill  (Campbell Room)

20’s & 30’s“Your Move” podcast with Andy Stanley. We will meet the last Sunday of the month with the Young Families in the Campbell Room to discuss views/opinions/ideas that come from podcast

Women’s Sunday Gathering –  Come join this “small group” of women as they read and discuss the book of Daniel. Leader: Gale Reece (Room 201A)

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