McGaha Lecture Series 2018

“Is Faith Still Possible?” 


During Lent this year, former 2Pres pastor Dr. Ron Byars led a series of talks about Christian faith in the contemporary world. 

Since colonial times, so-called “mainline Protestants,” including Presbyterians, had a major role in defining how the general public should perceive the Christian faith. That role now belongs to groups of Christians who understand the faith very differently. One result has been that many Americans have grown suspicious of faith itself. Why? The Lenten series will explore questions like this: Is it possible to have faith in God when so many who claim faith do it aggressively, immodestly, and with apparently little respect for those who do not share it? Or should we hand Jesus Christ over to the fundamentalists? What is faith anyway? How does one “get” it? Does it make any sense, or is it completely irrational? 

Listen to the lectures here! 


Session #1 – February 21st, 2018 Lecture 


Session #2 – February 28th, 2018 Lecture 


Session #3 – March 7th, 2018 Lecture 


Session #4 – March 21st, 2018 Lecture